The SNP To Start Selling Branded Coffins

Due to the highly successful and uncontroversial release of their facemasks, the SNP have decided to start selling their own brand of unique coffins.

Available in ‘canary yellow’, ‘Yes Saltire blue’, ‘MacDiarmid White Rose’ and ‘Tartan’ the coffins are also lined with headlines from The National and stocked with copies of former SNP election manifestos from 1970 – 2017. The deluxe version also has a direct link to voter registration for the discerning indy supporter who wants to cast their vote for the SNP in any forthcoming elections. 

SNP Brand Manager and Literature Officer, Odhran Fulton, said: ‘Given the amazing success of our Facemasks, the SNP funeral casket seemed the next big evolution of our political brand for the freedom-loving Scot. Being dead isn’t an excuse to stop supporting indyref2. The dream will never die, even if you do’.

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