Events prove that economic musle is all important


RUNNING a country should be like running a business in the sense that you need a strong balance sheet, positive cash flow anda good credit rating — especially if you hit unprecedented times and require eye-watering amounts of borrowing during a pandemic. Fortunately we have the Bank of England which has an excellent track record over the past 300 years and is backed by a £2 trillion economy. The extension of the furlough scene until next March to protect millions of private sector jobs throughout the UK is a prime example. The idea that you could establish an independent Scotland in the foreseeable future (after the eco- nomic effects of the pandemic) without a currency, with massive debt and large fiscal deficit suc- cessfully is not just a silly pipe dream, it would be the height of folly with a flight of capital (like Quebec) and people south and elsewhere.

The SNP needs more than people who paint their faces, wave flags and hurl abuse at people who may have a different view about independence. Just look at how wrong the polls were in the US due to the importance voters placed on the economy and not the “noise” which was generated by selfseek- ing politicians. Come another ref- erendum not only would it be fought on different terms to the last one, people (including the fi- nancial institutions) would want to be convinced that the SNP has a viable economic plan supported by the business sector and not just by a number of inexperienced career politicians with their heads in the sand.

Ian Lakin, Aberdeen AB13.

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