SCOTLAND does not need a bitter battle between nationalism and unionism. The country is crying out for “devolutionism”, where a government in Holyrood accepts our current devolved status, and uses the powers which it already has, to improve the quality of life for its citizens and make the country a better place to live. In its myopic quest for independence, the SNP has long neglected the day job. The current administration seems incapable of using the tools at its disposal to build a country that we can all be proud to belong to, and which is envied across the world. Drew Wright, Giffnock.

YET again another SNP farce in progress – quarantine hotel restrictions come into force and instantly the blame for the loophole created by Nicola Sturgeon introducing tougher restrictions than the rest of the UK is the Westminster Government’s problem. Sturgeon stated that the UK Government should be following Scotland’s lead and quarantining all arrivals, not just those on the ‘red list’. This is to stop all arrivals not on this list from travelling to Scotland and self-isolating at home as per the SNP instructions. SNP failure to introduce a workable system that is different from the rest of the UK is just another on the long list of shambles for this inept, talentless political party. PETER STALLARD, Callander, Stirlingshire.

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