IN an iconic, historic example of the UK democracy we Scots thankfully still enjoy, David Davis used the Westminster Parliamentary privilege not available to Holyrood MSPs to light a fuse under the SNP’s disgraceful handling of the Alex Salmond affair (“Davis suggests FM was aware of Salmond issue before April 2018”, The Herald, March 17). In doing so he exposed evidence of collusion and conspiracy. He then called for greater powers of accountability to be conferred on Holyrood, a timely, reassuring reminder that the Scottish Parliament gets its power and existence from the UK. Paraphrasing Mark Antony, he said: “I’m here to strengthen the Scottish Parliament, not bury it.” In stark contrast to that statesmanlike reverse power grab offer, the SNP’s top “will of the Scottish people” bleater, Pete Wishart, said on Twitter “Jeezo. The Tories are currently considering using the pretext of the Salmond inquiry to impose its will on our Parliament and determine the role and authority of the Lord Advocate. They are now preparing a full assault on our institutions.” If ever we needed a fundamental example of why Scottish voters and pro-UK parties need to come together and tactically vote this gang out on May 6 it is this extract of yesterday’s tale of goodies vs baddies in the Mother of All Parliaments. Allan Sutherland, Stonehaven.