The division and hatred permeating Scotland over the past two decades with the rise of nationalism has made Scotland a very uncomfortable place in which to live and I don’t recognise my country compared to the days of my youth and middle age. The media is daily full of loathing and bile, parliamentarians who should know better reduce themselves to baying animals, people despise those of a differing opinion and despite the outcome of any Yes/No vote in the future, I believe this will take generations if ever, to resolve. Scottish nationalism and its xenophobic, all-controlling mantra is subversively infiltrating every aspect of Scottish life to spread its hateful. one-state, communist-like regime: national police force, Named Person Scheme, Hate Crime Bill, railway nationalisation, state control of some businesses, control of the civil service, control of the judiciary etc. Separatists lap this up. can’t or refuse to see past this ideology because they are driven not by common sense and logic but by emotion – the misguided emotion of some kind of “freedom”. Followers want this ‘freedom’ tomorrow without care or cause of the outcome and their leaders goad them on to try to achieve this Braveheart Brigadoon which is morally indefensible. ‘The people of Scotland’ have been abandoned by this so-called government. Nicola Sturgeon stated in 2016 that ‘nothing’ is more important than independence and she has been proved correct – everything else has less importance, we see this on a weekly basis. Separatists are not concerned about a successful independent Scotland, its separation at all costs, to hell with the consequences. They follow Nicola’s dream for it’s all they have. Another session of a nationalist socialist regime will damage our precious country further and voters need to think very carefully about where they put their X in May. DOUGLAS COWE Alexander Avenue, Newmachar.