Scottish Government tells taxi operators no COVID-19 support fund will be made available yet – TaxiPoint

Scottish government have today told the country’s taxi operators that there will be no COVID-19 financial support package offered to them according to union officials and operators.

The news has left members of the industry shocked and frustrated, as the operators seek desperate financial aid to help survive and recover from the terrible impact the global pandemic has had on the trade.

A spokesperson from Unite the Union Cab Section has said: “The Cab Section is bitterly disappointed to report that the SNP Government has decided that no money will be made available to taxi operators to mitigate the devastating impact of Covid. Kate Forbes, Cabinet Finance Secretary has rejected Unite proposals for help.

“It is important to know that the UK Government provided adequate funds to help our industry. However, the allocation of monies has left much to be desired. For example, when asked what has happened to the £20M underspend from the £57M taxi support fund, we were advised it goes back to the Scottish Government. When asked if the Scottish Government would be handing it back to the UK Government, a less than transparent response was given. It was along the lines of ‘other sectors may benefit from that money.

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