THE most striking thing of all about the present Scottish election campaign is that the party which has ruled the roost for 14 years, with the swathe of powers it has, acts as if it has been in opposition all that time. It is very disconcerting, this “elect us and we will straighten it all out” line it uses. Where have its leaders been and what have they been doing for 14 years? The most glaring example of this is in the education of our children, wherein surely the most cynical of all their moves, a long-awaited and long-delayed report on how the youngsters of this country are being educated is once more shelved and hidden from us until after the election. In the meantime, a handful of goodies is dished out willy-nilly. Cynicism in Scotland is now at a new, to date unplumbed, level. Meanwhile, our councils remain starved of funds and we retain the highest drugs deaths in Europe title. It is so disturbing and so obvious it is hard to see how any caring and concerned parent, in fact how anyone, could be taken in by such tactics. Alexander McKay, Edinburgh.