Landscaper fears potholes in popular Ayrshire seaside village will catch visitors out – Daily Record

An ex-landscaper has hit out at the conditions of roads in his Ayrshire village fearing they will catch visitors out when lockdown is eased.

Kevin Gardiner, of Maidens, is fed-up looking at the state of the roads around the village which faces onto the stunning North Carrick coastline.

The idyllic spot for dog walkers and families has become plagued with potholes with Kevin’s street Ardlochan Road covered in 15 mixed-sized craters.

The 65-year-old former fisherman has lived in the village all of his life but he has become dismayed by the lack of action on the roads.

And he has asked South Ayrshire Council leader Peter Henderson to put pressure on road bosses for action.

Kevin told Ayrshire Live: “The potholes in the village have been a real problem for too long.

“We are local people and have gotten used to it, but the worry is when visitors come down to enjoy the beach.

“A few weeks ago here was a total stranger who drove past me on Ardlochan Road and swerved at the last minute to avoid a pothole and nearly took the side off my car.”

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