‘Flagship’ Scottish Government job retraining programme has helped just half of its target – Daily Record

The Scottish Government has met just half of the target for a “flagship” recruitment programme for retraining workers facing pandemic unemployment.

In October ministers said the newly launched £25million National Transition Training Fund would support up to 6000 people by March 2021.

But figures released by the Scottish Government put that number at 3000.

The release of the information followed an attack by the Scottish Liberal Democrats who claimed figures they had showed the
number who’ve taken up the training programme was much lower at just 573.

The SNP says that 573 figure is wrong.

Lib Dem leader Willie Rennie said: “This is another broken promise from the SNP. They cannot be trusted to do what they say they will do because they always have their eyes on a different prize.

“Drugs deaths, education attainment and now worker retraining will always have to play second fiddle to another independence referendum.

“Scotland needs a government with a laser-like focus on recovery from the pandemic. The Scottish economy is fragile and precarious. It needs a government that will put recovery first.”

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