FOR more than a year, we have listened to the hubris-driven presidential ramblings of our First Minister, the gaffe-prone ex-health secretary Jeanne Freeman, followed by the equally hopeless Humza Yousaf and the fact-free pontifications of people like Professor Devi Sridhar, who epitomises someone educated beyond common sense. After all the digs at Boris Johnson, Westminster, English tourists, Andy Burnham and anyone who criticises the SNP’s policy on Covid, we are now the coronavirus capital of Europe. Calamitous decision-making, a two-tier blame system, bungled track and trace and a sluggish vaccination programme are only some of the reasons why Scotland has gained another first place in the Poor Public Health league. We need a full investigation of our government’s incompetence, and we need answers. Andy Lanigan, Bishopbriggs, near Glasgow

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s reported judgement is correct that Scottish devolution is disastrous or that the way it was handled by the SNP has become so. Alex Salmond’s belief that oil money would “save” Scotland is unrealised. He and Nicola Sturgeon have presided over a continuous decline in Scots education, health and business. Surely a separatist party must demonstrate their ability to improve a nation generally so as to justify secession? Their performance, stuck in one track, has not been up to that, despite the largesse of the Barnett formula. So Boris was right, both about devolution and the SNP regime’s management. Most unfortunately for Scotland, devolution will not be nullified. Our future is now murky. CHARLES WARDROP Perth, Perth & Kinross

Am I alone in wondering why we have heard so little from the First Minister in recent weeks? Before the election, she pretty much had her own channel, courtesy of the BBC, but now we seem rarely to hear from her. The public have been force-fed the fantasy story that the First Minister has ‘managed’ this pandemic in a controlled and informative manner. A full public inquiry as to the handling of these events should be held immediately. It will be seriously uncomfortable for her and her administration and it is time for the truth to be revealed. RICHARD ALLISON, Edinburgh.


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