JUST when Scotland’s coronavirus infection rate reaches one in 90 – making Scotland the Covid hotspot in the UK – the Scottish Government has closed Glasgow’s SSE Hydro facility, the largest vaccination unit in the country. It beggars believe how they arrived at this illogical decision in the middle of an infections peak and the collapse of the test and trace system. It is impossible to give any credibility to the Scottish Government’s handling of this situation when First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has confirmed the vaccination programme is the only way out of this crisis. Dennis Grattan, Aberdeen

IT has been no surprise that Nicola Sturgeon has expressed her disapproval of Ruth Davidson’s appointment to the House of Lords. Narrow-mindedness is one of Ms Sturgeon’s greatest failings. Whether it be right or wrong the Parliament of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is divided into two Houses, and that will remain the status quo until constitutional matters in these islands are altered. As we are all aware the UK is not alone globally in having two parts to its parliament. But alas it seems that Scottish nationalism is a breeding ground for discontent and uncharitable behaviour. It has certainly led to obvious divisions throughout Scotland within families and between friends. It is my view that it can only lead to Scotland’s downfall economically, politically and internationally. Scotland deserves better. Robert IG Scott, Ceres, Fife.

THE UK Government last week published its long-awaited National Food Strategy (“Support for new food strategy”, The Herald July 17). However, from a quick look at the document, it is unclear how its findings and recommendations relate to Scotland – probably not much, as many of the issues are devolved to Holyrood. Nonetheless, Scottish voters have a right to know how the Scottish Government is going to address the even worse life-and-death issues of nutrition, food culture and obesity-driven metabolic illness and death in Scotland. Will Nicola Sturgeon and Humza Yousef take the steps demanded by the strategy’s author Henry Dimbleby (and supported by figures such as Jamie Oliver and Louise Casey)? Will they go further and invest to drive the food culture of Scottish schools up and beyond those in England? Will they demand health warnings on lethal Ultra-Processed Foods (UPFs) similar to those that are on tobacco and alcohol? In short, will the SNP act to save lives and create a better Scotland – or will minds be on Other Things? Peter A Russell, Glasgow.


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