Business has learnt that it cannot trust Nicola Sturgeon – The Times

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The public, and especially business, want the UK and Scottish governments working closely together on pandemic recovery. So why didn’t the prime minister find time last week to meet the first minister at her request to discuss collaboration? The answer, sadly, comes down to a lack of the trust that is crucial to any working relationship.
Boris Johnson will have feared that any meeting sought by Nicola Sturgeon to discuss “collaboration” was an excuse to express grievance, and complain about it afterwards. He knows from experience that she likes nothing more than to walk out of meetings into news conferences to grandstand.
Granted, she will argue that she doesn’t trust the prime minister either. But from the perspective of the business community there is a difference. Yes, both leaders want pandemic recovery — but deep down, the first minister ultimately wants the break-up of the UK just that bit more. Given that most business leaders think ending the Union would deliver huge additional challenges to the economy, they have plenty of reasons to doubt that the SNP is focused on their interests.

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