Richard Murphy on GERS: The Perpetually Baffled Man – Chokka Blog

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I’m writing a serious blog on GERS and really don’t want it to get bogged down by engaging with the frankly bonkers claims made by the perpetually baffled GERS-denier in chief, Richard Murphy.

To engage with Murphy on the topic of GERS is as pointless and frustrating as trying to play chess with a pigeon (while wrestling a pig). But I recognise that some of you might think that describes an amusing spectator sport, so let me use this blog to deal with some of his recent – um – “contributions to the debate”.

My starting point is his appearance on the “GERS – Scotonomics Special“. This is an hour of video and I only made it 5 minutes in before I realised that I simply couldn’t sit through any more of it because life, like me, is too short.


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