Edinburgh pub refuses entry to customers from the Scottish Family Party – Edinburgh Live

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Exclusive: Staff from the Outhousebar in Edinburgh say they felt “uncomfortable” after finding out that a group of people affiliated with the Scottish Family Party had booked a table at the venue.

Three customers were refused entry to an Edinburgh pub after staff found out that they were affiliated with the Scottish Family Party.

The management team at the Outhousebar on Broughton Street Lane confirmed that they denied entry to the group – which included Scottish Family Party Leader Richard Lucas – as their political views ‘do not align with the venue.’

The Scottish Family Party policies include ’promoting marriage, opposing transgender ideology and abortions.’

Their website states: “We respect life, opposing both abortions on demand and assisted suicide, We promote marriage, We oppose transgender ideology, especially the confusing of children.”

Assistant Manager Rob told Edinburgh Live how the group booked their function room on Thursday night (September 2).

It is understood that they did not disclose to the venue that they were affiliated with the political party and instead described themselves as a ‘small group of academics.’

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