I don’t believe the first minister of Scotland is prejudiced against the English, nor are the majority of SNP members. However, their party opened the Pandora’s box of nationalism in Scotland and have tended to leave the latch unhooked when convenient. There have been marches in Scotland with “Tory Scum Out” as the lead banner. There have been protesters at transport hubs holding “England Get Out of Scotland” signs. Ian Blackford polices Twitter asking why an English photographer was in Scotland. The SNP’s National Women’s convenor Rhiannon Spear tweeted “We hate the United Kingdom too” during Eurovision. “We are not England’s holiday park,” added Moira Shemilt, another SNP councillor. Unfortunately, the SNP are so politically antagonistic to England that they already govern as if Scotland has seceded from the UK. Imagine if the “Tory” or “England” was replaced by a racial epithet? The furore would be rightly deafening. It’s not difficult to see the obvious sentiment in such messages: you don’t really belong here. David Bone, South Ayrshire