I IMAGINE most of the discerning readers of Think Scotland are not daft enough to get involved with Twitter. I came to it early in 2014, as the war of words during the Scottish referendum was gathering momentum. At times, it can be like a sewer, and I confess to having contributed some intemperate output myself. I have never, however, stalked anyone on Twitter, told lies about them to try to trash their reputation or accused them of criminal activity that they have not committed.

I now find myself in the position where this has happened to me. The reason for it is perfectly obvious: I campaign, and do so robustly, against Scottish nationalism and separatism. I do this from an informed point of view, reading what is said by various experts on finance and economics, particularly, and trying to induce separatists to consult these experts, rather than simply parroting propaganda from SNP HQ, ‘Business for Scotland’ (an SNP propaganda front organisation) and various bloggers and meme-makers whose output is solely geared to discrediting the United Kingdom, usually on the basis of lies. I would say that, wouldn’t I?

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