SCOTTISH ports have welcomed a host of international warships following the completion of a major NATO exercise.

Exercise Joint Warrior ran for two-weeks, beginning on September 18, with ships, submarines, and aircraft from ten nations using the maritime training grounds off the coast of Scotland to hone their military skills.

The huge exercise finished on September 30 and several of the exercise participants have taken advantage of Scotland’s ports to stop-off before the journey homeward.

The Port of Leith hosted three NATO vessels on Saturday, October 2, including Portuguese vessel NRP Corte Real.

Over on the West Coast of Scotland, Greenock also played its part with two Dutch ships using the port to offload Commando Forces.  Meanwhile, at Glasgow’s King George V Docks Royal Navy Type 23 Frigate HMS Lancaster also visited.

The Portsmouth-based ship, which was built on the Clyde, recently completed a 3,000 kilometre round-trip through the Norwegian Sea into the Arctic Circle.  After a quick refuelling at the Shetland Isles, Lancaster went on to join Exercise Joint Warrior.

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