The First Minister is having a grand old time at COP26.

She has no official role in the proceedings but she’s still managed to be photographed gabbing with Joe Biden, schmoozing with Angela Merkel and even welcomed an ‘uncomfortable’ meeting with Greta Thunberg. Nicola’s a different kind of politician, you see.

The climate change summit came along at just the right time, not only because it might save the planet but because it rides to the rescue of an even more important enterprise: the rebranding of Nicola Sturgeon. The SNP’s 14 years in government have charted the search for a relatable public image for Sturgeon. She has been heartfelt champion of the NHS, egalitarian face of the Yes campaign, bookish saviour of Scottish education, internationalist scourge of Brexit, caring mother of the nation, and identity politics progressive. It’s hard to tell which, if any, of these is the real Sturgeon.

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