A former Tory MSP has called for the pro-UK parties to unite at Holyrood elections to defeat the SNP.

Professor Adam Tomkins said Scottish Labour, the LibDems and his own party should field one candidate in first-past-the-post races.

An SNP spokesperson rubbished the plan: “This is a desperate and ludicrous suggestion from Adam Tomkins. Perhaps he has uncorked the Christmas sherry a little too early.”

Nicola Sturgeon’ s SNP romped to another election win in May after outpolling their rivals.

The SNP enjoyed huge success in FPTP seats, where in many cases they were the only pro-independence party up against three mainstream Unionist challengers.

Tomkins, who stood down as a Glasgow MSP in May, said the three-versus-one contests had to change.

He told the Record: “There needs to be a restructuring in Scottish politics that recognises the fact that the fundamental division is no longer Left-Right, it is Yes-No.”

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