Scotland’s 32 local authorities are to receive £16 million, spread over two years, to help the homeless. Describing this as a ‘drop in the ocean’, as Scottish Labour did, is being kind. Perhaps we should be thankful for small mercies, but what rankles is that £400million will be expended on preparations for Scotland’s separation from the UK in the next year alone. And, of course, there are the pretend embassies – matters outside a devolved administration’s remit – to be found and staffed with money that could have been spent providing shelter and warmth to our most needy. I keep waiting for those Scots who vote for nationalist administrations, time after time, to wake up and smell the coffee. Suffering this maladministration, and much else, for some pie-in-the-sky fantasy of breaking up the UK, which most in their heart of hearts know will never happen, is closing your eyes to reality. Alexander McKay, Edinburgh.