How often do the many diverse readers of The Press and Journal need to be told Boris Johnson is a recruiting sergeant for the nationalists? Grant Fraser’s latest epistle (Letters, January 8) seems somewhat repetitive of many letters already published. As are all the usual trigger phrases of Thatcher 1980s, corrupt chaos, disaster of Brexit, English nationalism and, finally, the freedom of Scottish independence. If this really were true, surely the voting stalemate and apparent need for Green votes would not have been necessary? The simple fact is the SNP led by Nicola Sturgeon is just marking time and going absolutely nowhere. The longer the SNP stays in power the worse things become in Scotland. They blame Westminster for the lack of progress but the reality is the complete absence of an economic plan, talent, and ability within the ranks of MSPs and MPs. In more than 14 years is there anything they have honestly done well? The scandal, revealed exclusively on The Press and Journal front page (December 28), that “Baby Box safety alert hushed up by SNP Government” was very significant but seems to have been completely ignored. The only concern seems to be about avoiding embarrassment by ignoring a very serious shortcoming in one of the SNP’s flagship bribes. Will the old thermometers be replaced? Can anything presented by the SNP be trusted and believed? David Philip, Knockhall Way, Newburgh.