FEWER than one in five schoolkids have received a free computer device despite an SNP pledge to deliver one to every Scots pupil, it has emerged.

Papers released ahead of a meeting of Holyrood’s Education Committee on Wednesday revealed councils had given around 122,000 digital devices to children since the pandemic began.

But that’s just 17 per cent of Scotland’s 705,000 pupil population – far short of a Nats election promise to deliver all kids a laptop, iPad or similar device.

Nicola Sturgeon’s party vowed during the campaign for last May’s vote to “provide every child in Scotland with a device to get online, including a free internet connection and the support to use it”.

And ahead of the poll, the First Minister promised to get the policy kickstarted during her first 100 days back in office – but rivals blasted progress so far as “pitiful”.

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