No wonder the SNP is keen to oust Boris Johnson despite this being at best a rather short-term gain for long-term pain. It keeps its failures off the front pages. A new year and the catastrophes mount up for the SNP/Green alliance. An out-of-touch and too cautious Covid policy, pupils frightened to go back to the classrooms, the Ferguson shipyard in even more disarray, A&E waiting times at an all-time low, retail businesses losing huge sums of money, underfunded local councils being forced to cut services, all while it raises taxes and does not even have the common sense to put off expensive new fire alarm regulations for hard-pressed homeowners. Constantly blaming Westminster is a convenient distraction for now, but these failures and others will not be forgotten come the May council elections. Defending a record like this on the doorstep will be rather difficult, especially since breaking up the UK does not provide convincing answers. Dr Gerald Edwards, Glasgow.