While Helen of Troy had a face that could launch a thousand ships, yet again the SNP have proven themselves to be utterly incapable of launching what should have been a simple scheme – this time it is not a ship or a ferry but the under-22 travel scheme which launched on Monday this week (“Delays feared over free bus travel scheme”, 31 January). Industry chiefs are reporting that about 65,000 new cards have been issued and many under-22s won’t have theirs as a result of low publicity around the scheme “due to the pandemic”. With Nicola Sturgeon able to provide weather reports, as we saw at the weekend, and her proclivity to be on our TV sets, I am utterly astonished at this excuse. With 930,000 eligible to receive these cards, 7 per cent uptake is extremely low. Transport Scotland claim that most under-22s knew they needed a new card so the question is, why have they not applied? Has the SNP launched a scheme with very low demand? Have they ignored the consultation results yet again? The wheels on the bus may be going round and round but it looks like many don’t want to get on this SNP one, free or otherwise. Jane Lax, Aberlour.