Former SNP senior politician Jim Siliars has mounted yet another attack on Nicola Sturgeon, condemning her for running an “authoritarian” and “incompetent” government. He speaks of how new emergency powers will “rob society of its civil liberties and shows an “authoritarian mentality”. He goes on to launch a fierce attack on Sturgeon’s record on a host of issues including ferries, vanity projects, failure in education, obsession with sex and gender. The tenure of Ms Sturgeon has been woeful, dragging Scotland down and down. The Named Person Scheme, Hate Crime Bill, children lifestyle questionnaire, creation of a politically controlled police force are all examples of “authoritarian” control. It is time that supporters of independence listened to Mr Sillars because he can see beyond the myth of independence today and it will be sorted out tomorrow. And the response from a spokesman for Ms Sturgeon? The SNP government was focused on winning independence by delivering a referendum. That really tells us all we need to know about how this administration has failed Scotland – certainly NOT focused on good governance. Douglas Cowe, Alexander Avenue, Kingseat.