Why can we not celebrate the win by the women curlers at the Winter Olympics without it leading to arguments about whether they are British or Scottish? I remember watching Allan Wells in Moscow in 1980 as a teenager and celebrating his success. I knew he was Scottish but as he was wearing the Union flag on his sportswear because he was representing GB (we didn’t have Team GB back then). Later at the Commonwealth Games, he would represent Scotland. It was simple and was not contentious. Move on 40 years and now it is impossible for some people in Scotland to accept that sportspeople are representing GB rather than Scotland. I even saw a journalist tweet about “Team Scotland” at the Olympics. These were sportspeople who had chosen to represent GB, wore the colours of GB and draped themselves in the Union Flag. It is disrespectful to the curlers for individuals to try to claim their victory for Scotland. We do not know how they feel about their nationality but it is not anyone’s place to try to manipulate their success to suit a political agenda. Jane Lax, Aberlour, Moray.