As someone who is happiest in Scotland’s great outdoors, I love Cameron McNeish’s TV programmes and books.

I remarked last week on Twitter that few people have left me more disappointed in recent years than him as I’ve watched him label people as traitors and quislings; or when he has suggested that those opposed to leaving the UK should move to England.

McNeish’s response was indignant. He threatened me with his lawyers and demanded an apology. Despite me dropping him a friendly email to make sure he had the right address, I’ve yet to hear from his legal team.

I suppose his silence might have something to do with Twitter responding to him with examples of him labelling Gordon Brown a “quisling”; saying that Scottish Tories were “worse than traitors”; stating his hope that some opposed to independence would be “shown the road south”; and asking why Scottish Tories don’t “just go and live in England if they loathe Scotland so much?” Others shared examples of his misogynistic abuse of female politicians.

McNeish’s reaction after being pulled up for his own ugly views is microcosmic of the wider refusal of nationalism to deal with the abuse and othering that infects their movement.

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