Yet again we have been hearing another referendum is just around the corner here in Scotland. Only now we are told it may not happen due to the war in Ukraine. We have had years and years of announcements from the SNP claiming it is coming, oft at a party conference or just before an election. And the party faithful cling on to the belief the SNP won’t let them down. Nicola Sturgeon and Ian Blackford promised it would happen. The SNP is, however, always nuanced in its declarations, always allowing itself a get-out clause. “A second independence referendum is close to inevitable”; “an independence vote should be held before the next Holyrood election”; and the latest “she (Sturgeon) is determined that Scots will be able to vote at a second referendum on independence by the end of next year’: It’s a shame Prince Andrew did not give up his Duke of York title as it would have been apt for Blackford with the number of times he and his party leader have marched the supporters up the hill only to march them down again. What will it take for the separatists to realise that if it’s not Brexit, Covid or the Ukraine, they’ll find another reason to march them back down that hill. Jane Lax. Craigellachie, Abertour.