After the twin crises of Covid and Russian aggression in Ukraine, it is clear that trying to break up the UK – the SNP’s single policy – is a thoroughly bad idea. That is not only because it would suit Vladimir Putin very well, which it would. Covid has shown that only the strength of the UK was able to provide for the whole of the UK with furloughing and other support funding, as well as the ordering, purchase and distribution of a succession of vaccines. Ukraine shows us what happens to states confronted with unreasonable demands by a large predatory neighbour when these states try to resist. Formerly influential separatist cheerleaders, including bloggers and journalists, admit that the separatist cause is at least in abeyance, if not finished. If the SNP want to keep alive their raison d’etre of Scottish separatism, their best course is to demonstrate how efficient, competent and honest devolved government in Scotland could be. They have failed signally, in almost 15 years, to do that. Jill Stephenson, Edinburgh.