The war in Ukraine has shaken the world, even shaken some in Russia although they are prevented from voicing concerns. While Ukrainians are fighting for their lives, their infrastructure is devastated and shocking atrocities are enacted by a bully and thug, what do we have in Scotland? We have a nationalist socialist regime which has systematically ruined virtually every aspect of life in Scotland and misspent millions by a narrow-minded separatist and her cohorts whose life has been dedicated to destroying the United Kingdom at all cost. For Nicola Sturgeon to pursue the break-up of the UK when the world potentially faces World War 3 is shocking in the extreme and shows exactly where her priorities lie. This is especially true as she has no economic, financial, social or military plans for a successful, independent Scotland. Thankfully, despite potential exclusion, there are some in her ranks who are starting to question Ms Sturgeon’s policies and actions, especially where the Greens are concerned. The people of Scotland must walk away from this political ideology to give our children and grandchildren a stable future. Douglas Cowe, Alexander Avenue, Kingseat