As Molly-Mae once preached ‘Everyone has the same 24 hours in the same day.’ And Blackford has put his to good use, judging by the number of second jobs he’s juggled since entering parliament in 2015. Back in 2017, he even had five of them, including a City think tank, the chairmanship of both Commsworld and Golden Charter Trust and the directorship of his family company First Seer. The George Osborne of the Highlands indeed. He still maintains a croft business on the Isle of Skye and enjoys an investment portfolio with top wealth managers Rathbones.

Unfortunately, Blackford’s second jobs sometimes interfere with his main one, as he found to his cost last year when trying to make political capital out of the Owen Paterson saga. Appearing on ITV’s Representing Borders programme in November, the unfortunate millionaire was left squirming when confronted on his outside earnings of £38,000 for only 32 hours of work for Golden Charter. This, on top of an MPs’ salary of £81,932. a year. Kerching!

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