Surely the time has come for we Scots voters to give serious thought to the gross inadequacy of Nicola Sturgeon and her SNP ministerial colleagues in their attempts to govern Scotland? One can scarcely pick up a newspaper these days without reading about some form of criticism of this SNP minority administration. This problem takes on a multitude of shapes and forms and highlights the major problems faced throughout Scotland’s administration, be it at parliament level, or within the realms of the local authorities. Just how well is Scotland really faring in the key areas of education, health, welfare, public transport, Police Scotland, local authority services? The list of discontent seems endless, and quite recently it has even been extended to raise the question over “missing” SNP membership funds. Then there are the well-publicised hiccups pertaining to West Coast and Hebridean Ferry services, coupled with the disastrous related ship-building contracts. Just how much more have the good folks of Scotland got to put up with from this feeble excuse for an administration, the political case of which is built entirely on historical emotion, and grievance against the UK? One thing they are good at is the adoption of the blame game – to quote that auld Scots expression: “It wisnae me”. Robert I G Scott, Northfield, Ceres, Fife.