Nicola Sturgeon is asking people to vote for the SNP in the local authority elections to “send Boris a message”, but Boris Johnson is not responsible for your bins, your education, your planning, your parks, your verges, your pot-holes, your schools, your swimming pools, your libraries, your street lights, your social housing, your town halls, your council tax, your business rates or your social care. The councillors you may elect are responsible for these things. Ms Sturgeon herself has no role in these things either, although she does consistently ensure that local government is poorly funded, and this makes their job much more difficult. The choices you make on 5 May will determine the services you receive for the next five years. Only the people whose names are on the ballot paper are relevant The rest, including Ms Sturgeon and Mr Johnson, are not. It is none of their business. The SNP message is as misleading as the big yellow bus showing a picture of Ms Sturgeon from ten years ago. They no longer have much to offer, so are falling back on old messages and images, none of which reflect reality today. Victor Clements, Aberfeldy, Perthshire.