I find it interesting to note that Iain Gunn (Letters, April 18) has “faith” in Nicola Sturgeon to restore Scotland’s NHS. How can he have “faith” in Ms Sturgeon when she has the most abysmal record of leading Scotland over the past seven years? Has he conveniently forgotten about her record on drug deaths, the highest in Europe; alcohol deaths, the worst in the UK, and on education on which she asked to be judged? On vanity projects costing the taxpayer billions including Prestwick, BiFab, Ferguson Marine – where she paid the last CEO £2,500 per day – Police Scotland, which has a financial black hole of £200 million and was established to save money, the failed Scottish Energy Company, the failed Scottish Stock Exchange and millions spent on setting up foreign “embassies”? Has he forgotten about the disgrace of the closed Edinburgh hospital, the Named Person Scheme, the Hate Crime Bill, the Child Sex Survey and on and on and on? Ms Sturgeon promised to be a leader for all Scots but has used her power to agitate to destroy the UK. She has manipulated her followers to blame her shortcomings on anyone and anything, especially Westminster. Based on her track record, it is naive for anyone to have belief that Ms Sturgeon can restore any of the institutions she has systematically ruined. Douglas Cowe, Newmachar.