Paramedic Moira Shaw is eyeing the frantic activity at the front doors of Edinburgh’s emergency department.

She is waiting for the go-ahead to hand over her patients to medics and answer the next 999 call.

It can be a long wait.

Last week, one in 10 ambulances across Scotland took more than 80 minutes to drop patients at an emergency department.

BBC Scotland joined Moira and colleague Blair Paul at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh where they were among seven ambulances waiting to drop off patients.

“At the moment we can be an hour waiting, we sit in the ambulance and we wait until there is a space to go in,” explains Moira, who has been with the service for nearly a decade.

“This is pretty much an everyday occurrence now.

“It’s that domino effect, so if patients are waiting to move to other areas, A&E gets clogged up and they can’t take any more patients in because they are waiting to move people on.

“It’s really frustrating, we feel bad for the patient.”

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