A new poll from Survation has found that 58% of people in Scotland believe the UK should keep Trident and that only 20% were certain it should be axed, with the remainder undecided.

Additionally, the poll undertaken by Survation found that 82 per cent of Scots ranked UK membership of the G7, NATO and the UN Security Council as “important”, while nine per cent rated it as “not important” and a further nine per cent didn’t know.

You can look at the raw data yourself here.

Pamela Nash, head of Scotland in Union which commissioned the survey, said:

As proud Scots, maintaining our position and influence in the world is key. And it’s clear from this opinion poll there is little appetite to diminish our global standing. Scottish people want to continue to participate fully in the world, to make the most effective contributions to global institutions, and to retain the benefits of our membership. Remaining part of the UK is the best way to protect and enhance Scotland’s global influence, and to support our friends and allies across the globe.”

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