Why are there so many tales of corruption and scandal involving Scottish nationalists? Former SNP MP Nathalie McGarry has just been convicted of embezzlement and will most likely be jailed. It is a sad story and each of us ought to regret the disgrace and ruin that this individual faces. She could have had a long career as an MP, instead it was cut short after two years and now she will find herself in an unpleasant place with limited prospects afterwards. But why did she think she could steal money and get away with it? The answer I think is that belief in the cause makes Scottish nationalists feel they are immune to ordinary morality.

We don’t know exactly what exactly Alex Salmond did or did not do when he lived in Bute House, but we do know that his behaviour was covered up. The Scottish media did not carry stories of what he was alleged to have been doing when he was alleged to have been doing it. It took many years before witnesses came forward and eventually there was a trial.

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