A number of Glasgow restaurants have spoken about the potential impact on trading as the new ScotRail timetable comes into effect.

Managers are becoming concerned that reduced evening train services may affect how many people are coming in for a post-work meal or grabbing a bite before a concert or show.

Scottish fine-dining eatery The Gannet, located just a stone’s throw away from popular gig venues the SEC and Hydro, is used to having a regular influx of customers from the Finnieston area.

Mr Mohammed is not only concerned about having fewer customers, but how his staff will cope with commuting and working the late hours that the hospitality sector demands.

He said: “I have team members who are training and because of the reduced timetable it’s affected when they can and can’t work.

“One was supposed to stay until the end of service the other night to learn how it works but because they get a train to Edinburgh, they had to finish at 8.30pm to get home.

“It’s very unpredictable and difficult to navigate”

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