Today, Nicola Sturgeon becomes the longest-serving First Minister in the history of devolution. Surpassing Alex Salmond’s seven years, six months and five days. It’s a long time to be in charge: a full generation by some definitions. Certainly time enough to make your mark on a country with devolved powers unparalleled in the democratic world. But what difference has Sturgeon made in her time in office:

1. Life expectancy for Scots men and women has seen the sharpest fall in 40 years – accelerating in the time Sturgeon’s been in power. 

2. Drug deaths have soared

3. The First Minister said in 2016 that closing the attainment gap between rich and poor would be her ‘defining mission’. The gap is as wide as ever. 

4. The NHS is failing too. 

5. Scotland enjoys one of the largest budget deficits in the developed world.

6. Since Sturgeon came to power she’s launched a second independence campaign multiple times.

7. And now the trains don’t run on time. 

Want to see more SNP fails? – Education Matters


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