The “shambles” of Scotland’s census could result in a “decade of injustice” that impacts on the poorest communities, Labour has warned.

It comes amid concerns the return rate for the census – a once-in-a-decade survey of the population – will impact on future service decisions.

Sarah BoyackLabour spokeswoman for the constitution, external affairs and culture, raised her fears as Scots were once again being urged to complete the questionnaire ahead of Tuesday’s deadline.

Boyack said: “It has been one SNP shambles after another recently, but this mess will take years to clean up. “

She insisted the census was “not just numbers on a spreadsheet”, saying it impacted on “funding and services for our communities”.

She warned the completion rate could “deliver a decade of injustice in Scotland as the worst-off communities are left paying the price for SNP failure”.

Boyack added: “The SNP must set out how they will make sure this botched census doesn’t leave the poorest areas short-changed.”

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