They can’t build a ferry, organise a census or keep the railways operating, but when it comes to organising a grievance campaign, nobody does it better than the SNP. This week saw perhaps the most impressive effort yet from team grievance as the SNP tried to turn the Chancellor’s announcement of a windfall tax on big oil companies into a Scotland-versus-the-rest-of-the-UK bun fight. Speaking on Sunday, SNP MP Kirsty Blackman complained: 

It feels very unfair that Scotland is having to pay for the entirety of the UK. If Scotland was an independent country, the windfall tax would generate £1,800 for every household in Scotland.

How dare that money be used to keep a child on a council estate in Liverpool fed and warm this winter when rich people in Scotland could have their fuel bills subsidised to an even greater extent.

There are times in history when nationalism has been an emancipating force, used to free people from oppression and tyranny. Scottish nationalism seeks to liberate Scots from their humanity. The SNP can use words like ‘outward looking’ and ‘progressive’ all it likes, but every now and again the party’s mask slips to reveal its true nature.

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