A Glasgow Taxi driver has warned the city’s Low Emission Zone is the end of his trade “as we know it”.

The new scheme means many older vehicles which do not meet the minimum emissions standards are banned from the city centre from Tuesday – although there is a year-long grace period before it will be enforced.

In Glasgow, the Low emission zone (LEZ) is already in place for buses and penalty charges will be handed out from June 1, 2023, with an extended grace period for local residents to June 1, 2024.

“We have put forward pragmatic solutions to the council and it’s falling on deaf ears.

“In Glasgow, [it] basically means the end of the taxi trade as we know it.”

Taxi drivers are looking for a temporary exemption to allow them time to bring their vehicles into compliance.

“The transition would be an awful lot smoother and, basically, they would get to where they’re wanting to go, which is net zero by 2030,” Mr Anderson said.

“They would get there an awful lot quicker by just allowing a little bit more time

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