Roadworks have hit record levels in Scotland, with a new stretch of highway closed and dug up every four minutes last year.

Town hall cuts and the pandemic have combined to create a crisis on our roads – just as train services have been slashed and islands are hit with a ferry shortage. Now motorists, already plagued by potholes, are facing tailbacks and diversions as Scotland slowly grinds to a halt. Businesses struggling to recover from the pandemic are also seeing the disruption chip away at wafer-thin profit margins.

We discovered some roads have been shut for 10 years due to crumbling bridges and walls as the list of jobs-to-do gets even longer. Now the AA has called on ministers and ­ councils to get a grip of the problem.

Jack Cousens, AA head of roads policy, said: “Scottish roads are crumbling faster than a shortbread biscuit. Only a serious plan with significant funding will solve the problem.

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