The Scottish Government has just published (under the headline “First Paper in new independence prospectus”) the remarkably verbosely titled “Building a New Scotland – Independence in the Modern World. Wealthier, Happier, Fairer: Why Not Scotland?“.

We’ve been here before of course, but such is the real-life Groundhog Day of Scottish Politics under an SNP government

I have read through the report in detail and tweeted about it extensively. Going through it line-by-line would be too tedious even for Chokkablog, so what follows is my attempt to summarise the main take-aways.

1. There is no data in the report relating to Scotland 

2. There is a clear indication that the SNP is now looking to make the economic case for independence based on moving Scotland to being a high tax country

3. The Scottish Government’s responsibilities are ignored
4. The report assumes independence must be the answer; it doesn’t provide a meaningful argument for why it must be the answer

5. Brexit Bad, Scexit Good?

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