Many people with disabilities are still unable to access public transport to get around, STV News has been told, with calls for greater action to boost accessibility.

Concerns have been raised over a lack of accessibility on certain travel routes, whilst a reduction in ScotRail services amidst driver shortages has led to fewer options for people travelling in Scotland.

Campaigners have also highlighted a lack of ramp access at stations, with few alternatives available.

Scottish Labour MSP Pam Duncan-Glancy said that there is a “long way to go on public transport”.

“NASA had advertised to put a disabled person on the moon recently and we can’t even get a disabled person from one side of the city of Glasgow to the other on the subway because it’s not accessible,” she told STV News.

“It should not be rocket science to sort this, yet still many, many, many disabled people can’t access public transport to get around.”

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