Police officers in Scotland are set to “unanimously reject” a pay increase offer and push for internal industrial action following the latest round of negotiations with the Scottish Government.

The Scottish Police Federation’s (SPF) joint central committee branded a blanket wage increase of 1.4% for most officers and 2% for new recruits “derisory” and lambasted a “continued failure” of the Police Negotiating Board (PNB) to return to talks over the dispute.

Calum Steele, SPF general secretary, said community impact would be “minimal” but added much of the internal “goodwill required for the force to operate” would be removed until the impasse was bridged.

“The offer itself is derisory – it’s only 2% for the very youngest police officers, It’s less than 1% for other officers and aggregates out at 1.4% across the police service,” he said.

“What we have seen though is that there is a will within government to find money when it suits itself. We know that money must have been found to fund the offer that has been made to health workers.

“We know that money must have been found to fund the Eurovision bid that is now being supported through government. And if the government can find money for songs, surely it can find money for police officers.”

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