A flagship SNP-Green cash for bottles policy has failed to attract any interest, it has emerged.

Not a single shopping centre, hospital, bus or railway station has asked to take part in the Scottish Government’s deposit return scheme.

Under the plans, shoppers would have to pay an additional 20p charge when buying drinks in single-use drinks containers, including glass or plastic bottles and cans.

The fees will be refunded to people when they return the empty containers for recycling at return points in shops that sell drinks as well as voluntary return points in places accessible to the public.

The SNP-Green government was initially due to bring in the deposit return system from this month but the initiative has been delayed until August 2023.

In response to a Scottish Parliament question submitted by Scottish Tory MSP Maurice Golden, Lorna Slater admitted that there have been no applications to set up such points.

The co-leader of the Scottish Greens and Circular Economy minister is spearheading the scheme.

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