THE SNP was yesterday accused of pandering to “tinfoil hat-wearing crackpots” after an MP raised the idea that MI5 may be behind the arrest of Peter Murrell.

A Nats parliamentarian sparked ridicule by telling how members reckon a deep-state conspiracy could be behind the police probe into Scotland’s governing party.

Mr Murrell was arrested last week by police investigating the finances of the SNP and was quizzed for almost 12 hours before being released without charge.

Independent auditors have also parted company with the party, sparking further questions about how Nats HQ was being run.

But indy-supporting newspaper The National today quoted an unnamed SNP MP suggesting shadowy forces could be pulling the strings behind the scenes.

The MP said: “I think in Scotland there is a feeling that there is some involvement by MI5 or Unionist governments just because the sheer scale of it is just outrageous.

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