The number of recorded incidents of prisoners at a Scottish prison who have been found under the influence of illegal substances has been described as “utterly appalling” as serious questions are raised over the SNP’s handling of the problem.

Data obtained by the Scottish Conservatives through Freedom of Information has revealed that there has been a total of 1,655 prisoners in Perth found to be under the influence of drugs from April 2020, with this year’s figure already reaching 424.

The issue of inmate drug abuse has been recorded nationally as dealers find elaborate ways to enter the prison system. A method of sending drug soaked paper via the post again raised serious questions about the effectiveness of drug prevention.

The latest data from HMP Perth found that along with street drugs like cannabis, ‘zombie’ drug SPICE, cocaine, street Valium and other opioids, prisoners managed to obtain prescription medication for epilepsy. Of the 1,655 inmates, 52 had to be taken to hospital for medical treatment after taking the drugs.

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