ANOTHER SNP leader, another proposal to “protect us” from Westminster (“Humza Yousaf sets out plans for ‘constitution built by the people'”. heraldscotland. June 19). Humza Yousaf is setting out the rights of citizens In an Independent Scotland. Amongst these rights will be the recognition of “the right to access a system of healthcare free at the point of need”. Instead of coming up with glossy documents filled with lots of buzzwords. perhaps in the 22 months he was Health Secretary he could have worked on Scottish citizens not only having the right to access the system but being able to obtain treatment timeously. We have people languishing on waiting lists for cancer treatment. hip replacements and so on. He clearly is the continuity candidate, as Nicola Sturgeon got her headlines with a similar stunt Introducing her legal right to NHS treatment within 12 weeks in 2012. How many times has this legal right been broken? By 2021, the total number of breaches was over 312.000. That Is 312.000 patients who have been denied a legal right, have been left in pain and discomfort and may well have died waiting for treatment. Just like his predecessor, I am sure that M r Yousafs words will look good on paper but will do nothing to improve the quality of life of the ordinary Scot. Jane Lax, Aberlour.